August 6, 2019

10 Reasons Retiring to a Self Sustainable Home is Recommended

by Jim Henderson

There are more than 100 million North Americans (US plus Canada) who will contemplate retiring in the next 15 years. Many of these retirees will decide to sell their primary homes and settle for a smaller, more easily maintainable home. The JLH Sustainable Home System provides the optimum care-free environment for these retiring homeowners. Here are 10 reasons why retiring baby boomers will chose to retire into a JLH self-sustaining home.

Self Sustainable Homes Benefits

1) No Maintenance– With solid steel construction on the entire envelope, the JLH self-sustaining home will not require maintenance or repairs for more than 25 years.
2) Save Money– Retirees have a fixed income and not having unpredictable expenses will help them budget for a more carefree lifestyle. No maintenance and no energy bill will save the average retiree about $300/month. The JLH self-sustaining home will mean the homeowner will have fixed minimal expenses for energy and maintenance.
3) Run on Solar Power – JLH self-sustaining homes are powered 100% off solar power. The solar panels, good for 25 years, will save the environment over 300,000 pounds of CO2 from going into the environment.
4) Helps Communities – For every JLH self-sustaining home sold, the company will donate 5% of the profits to helping to sustain nonprofits who work with underprivileged and at-risk children.
5) Saves Trees – Trees are an important part of the ecosystem because an average tree will consume 48 pounds of CO2. For each JLH self-sustaining home built, more than 13 trees will be saved. Investing in a JLH self-sustaining home, the retiring homeowner will allow 16,000 pounds of CO2 to be eliminated from our
6) Uses Recycled Material – Currently, North America recycles more than 65% of its steel. Investing in a JLH self-sustaining home will help retiring baby boomers recycle over 30,000 pounds of steel per house.
7) Travel More – When retiring baby boomers invest in a JLH selfsustaining home, they will have time to travel without worrying about their home. Since there is no energy bill it is easy to leave indoor temperatures at comfortable levels, which means there will be less complication for mod, mildew, frozen pipes,
maintenance and repairs. The homeowner can lock the home and travel to visit family, foreign countries or, just spend time being outside of the home.
8) Investment Property – A JLH self-sustaining home will actually have more resale value than a comparable size conventional home. When it is time to sell and move into “the home”, they will get a better return on their investment.
9) Choice of Floor Plans – The unique steel structure of the JLH selfsustaining homes allows the homeowner to select how many rooms, where the rooms are and where doors and windows are located. No conventional home can do this.
10) Change Their Minds – Unlike conventional homes which have load bearing interior and exterior walls, the JLH selfsustaining homes can allow the homeowner change interior walls, after living there and deciding they want bigger or more rooms.

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