May 14, 2021

3 Solar Trends for 2021 To Think About

by Jim Henderson

Solar energy is now affordable for most homeowners and has a rapid return on investment. Every business and homeowner should be acting now to help our environment and to save money. With so many innovations, however, there is a lot to consider when looking at solar options. Many innovations are “cool” but only a few are actually practical and available.


Here are three solar trends for 2021 to think about:

  • Bigger is not necessarily better– With solar panels now getting as much as 420 watts per panel, it is tempting to pay for larger watt panels. The best value for solar panels is always in the ones which have the greatest volume in overall sales. As newer, higher wattage panels are created, it takes a few years for the cost versus volume, to be cost effective.
  • Tesla, Tesla, Tesla!! – With a seemingly unlimited advertising and marketing budget, the Tesla company floods us with promises of the best and latest solar products in the industry. Unfortunately, most of this is nothing more than over inflated promises for an even more inflated price. If you are considering solar in 2021 you should definitely stay educated about the actual availability of the various Tesla solar products: panels, batteries, and solar roof tiles. Products are often heavily marketed long before actually being available for purchase.
  • Tax credit- The US government offers a 27% tax credit in 2021 for all solar expenses. Getting this tax credit makes solar much more affordable and this tax credit will not be as much in 2022 and likely will disappear in two to three years.
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