Affordable Sustainable Homes Are A Reality

Up until JLH Sustainable Homes engineered the first “attainable and sustainable” home in 2018, a self-sustainable home was considered a luxury that only affluent environmental conscious homeowners could afford. To get the type of efficiencies to reach carbon zero, conventionally built homes required a lot of extra materials and large solar arrays. A homeowner could expect to pay about 40-50% more per square foot to achieve carbon zero.

With the unique engineering of IMP technology and advanced solar systems, JLH Sustainable Homes have found a way to make self-sustainable homes more affordable. Here’s how the JLH Sustainable Homes systems work.

Advanced IMP panels are attached to an all steel frame system, creating an envelope that is, inch for inch, over 400% more energy efficient than any conventional building materials. This allows for fewer solar panels needed to achieve zero carbon footprint. In fact, for the same amount of that would be needed on a conventionally built self-sustainable home, the JLH Sustainable Home system can generate enough surplus electricity to charge an EV car! Here’s how it stacks up with other sustainable homes.

affordable sustainable homes

 Basically, the JLH Sustainable Home will save more 19% on it’s monthly expenses over a conventional, non-self-sustainable home. And, it would save more than 36% over a conventionally built, self-sustaining home.

Since the JLH Sustainable Homes are built with steel and are less susceptible to fire and water/wind damage, there will be additional monthly savings on insurance. Also, if the homeowner has an electric car, the maintenance and repairs on the car will be 50% less than on a conventional car, saving even more money for the homeowner.

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