Solar Home Lessons & Carbon Data

Some lessons learned while building the Solar Verde 1:

solar home

Our solar home resulted in some incredible data that will result in significant saving for any family.

Lesson 1: 100% steel, solar powered, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, modern style home have exceeded even the most optimistic expectations. These homes are so far superior to anything that’s currently on the market that a paragraph cannot cover the impact these homes will have on our environment, families’ incomes, and our communities.

Lesson 2: Using almost 100% materials, these homes will generate enough energy to supply all the needs of the energy needs of the families, including transportation.

Lesson 3: To have grown a very successful moving and storage company into one that is the most environmentally conscious in its field has been exciting. However, making a substantial impact in homeowners need for income, while making the greatest impact, dollar for dollar, on our environment is the pinnacle of accomplishment. Having a family be able to save hundreds of thousands of dollars of disposable income, while having each family/homeowner save 25,000 to 45,000 pounds of CO2 per year, is an accomplishment that excites and inspires, not just me, but everyone who becomes knowledgeable of this incredible journey.

JLH Sustainable homes is not a product… it literally is about life and making not just a little impact, but a substantial difference in the very most important things we can do for our planet, for our people and for our children. Knowing that these sustainable environments actually are “attainable” by a majority of eligible homeowners is something that anyone and everyone can be excited about being a part of. We are excited to be abler to share this journey with all of you.








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