“There will be 1.14 million homes built in the US in 2019. If just 20% of these structures were JLH Sustainable homes, we would save 2.7 billion pounds of CO2 and, homeowners would save $2.6 billion in costs over conventional homes.”

– Jim Henderson, CEO & Founder of JLH Sustainable

Steel & Solar works

Our engineered IMP steel construction, combined with high efficiency solar, is producing more than double the power needed to run our houses.

Battery Back Up

Battery technology will allow for uninterrupted power for our houses, in the likely event of the grid being down.

Attainable & Sustainable

Our sustainable houses can be built at an “attainable” price, while still having modern design and amenities.

In the News

Our three primary goals at JLH

Design & Build Pre-Engineered Shells

Build pre-engineered shells which contractors, builders and developers can “build-out” to custom specs for each individual homeowner. These shells are made of almost 100% recycled steel, with minimal wood products. The shells are all custom engineered to meet all specifications for various codes throughout North America. Also, each home will come complete with enough solar equipment to exceed the total expected energy needs, resulting in a negative carbon footprint.

Meet the Growing Demand

Meet the growing demand for “affordable” housing needs and offer an alternative style home to downsizing baby boomers. Offering an alternative interior design for builders will allow them to provide a wider range of house options and give them a competitive advantage over other builders.

Turnkey & Maintenance Free Homes

Provide maintenance free homes which offer carefree, turnkey living for over 25 years. nWith zero maintenance needed on the entire outer structure for over 25 years and 25 or more years’ life expectancy on the solar, homeowners can be free to travel or nhave a seasonal home and not worry about their home.

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