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November 30, 2022

3 Benefits of Insulated Metal Panels vs Traditional Building Materials

by Jim Henderson

Traditional building materials for houses have long been either wood or concrete block or a combination of both. The use of steel has traditionally been reserved for use in commercial buildings and warehouses. The problem with building with wood, steel and/or concrete, is that the energy efficiency is very low. To achieve high levels of efficiency is almost impossible without spending a great deal of money and materials.


However, there is now technology which has proven to be highly energy efficient and cost effective. This is called IMP (Insulated Metal Technology). Here are three benefits of using insulated metal panels in any new construction.


1)   Up to 400% More Energy Efficient - Insulated metal panels use high density foam laminated between outer and inner steel sheets. These panels are then attached to the outside of the steel framed building, essentially creating a sealed insulating barrier to the inside of the building. All other forms of insulating will have an R-value loss through the outer wall connecting to the frame.

Typical 4” insulated metal panels will have an insulating value of R30 whereas concrete block with standard 1” foam panel insulation will have an insulating value of around R7. Also, a stick-built home with 6” walls will achieve no greater than a R15 insulating value.


2)   Zero Maintenance for 25 Years - Insulated metal panel technology has a 25-year guarantee on the outer panel against wear. Typical concrete block (stucco) or wood sided homes will need to be painted or resurfaced every 10-15 years.

3)   Less Construction Time - Insulated metal panel buildings can be framed and assembled in a matter of days. Typical concrete and/or wood buildings can take months to frame and put roof and siding on. This saves valuable labor and time delay costs on the finished shell.


Other benefits to insulated metal panels are that there is no chance for termites or insect infestations. In fact, since the frames of insulated metal panel buildings are steel, there is no chance for the building to have wood insect infestations. Also, the insulated metal panels create an air-tight barrier that will not allow moisture to enter the structure, reducing the chance of mold and cold/warm air from entering the building.


JLH Sustainable Housing, LLC is committed to using insulated panel technology as a base for delivering negative carbon, low energy, maintenance free and environmentally responsible homes and businesses to clients who want to truly make a difference in helping change our environmental footprint

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